Who We Are

Donald R. Searing, PhD

Principal, Synthetic Intelligence

Dr. Searing is an experienced innovator, communicator, and thought leader who has created new product lines as well as redesigned and refactored existing products and systems in diverse fields such as utilities, insurance, engineering design, and machine ethics. His unique background in systems engineering gives him a broad-based holistic problem-solving and design approach, and his open, enthusiastic manner make him a dynamic leader and evangelist.

Specialties: decision automation, software design and architecture, actuarial and underwriting automation, system design, ethics, decision-theory, complexity

Elizabeth A.M. Searing, PhD

Principal, Human Intelligence 

Dr. Searing is an Assistant Professor of Public & Nonprofit Management at the School of Economic, Political, & Policy Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas.  She studies how nonprofit and other social economy organizations become more resilient. This normally involves financial management, but also relies on strategic management, program evaluation, and the local community.